AIIMS to Launch Tele-Medicine Facility for Non-Covid-19 Patients

News and Updates | By Rajkumar

With Out-Patient Department and other medical fcilities halted at Delhi`s All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) as part of measures to contain covid-19 patients.

Experts say that disasters and pandemics pose unique challenges to health care providers and telemedicine is well suited as medical practitioners can evaluate and manage patients.

AIIMS is going to start a teleconsulation facility. Our follow up patients can consults doctors through telephone. several patients had appointments which are now cancelled chronic patients can consult doctors through this facility, “Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS told ANI.

The facility will be rolled out in a day or two. He said every department will have doctors who will resolve health-related issuses of follow-up patients and added that AIIMS has also developed a plan for Hospitl in patient care service amidcoronavirus crisis.

The medical Superintendent had on March 24 issued orders released to the closure of all OPD service in AIIMS hospital and all centers.

Experts said telemedical provides safety to patients and health workers in situations where there is a risk of contagious infections. They said telemedicine can be used without exposing staff to viruses/infections in the times od such outbreaks.

Around 10,000 patients visit AIIMS OPD on a daily basis said DK Sharma, MS of AIIMS (ANI).

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