Chhattisgarh Housing Board Flats in Chittod Under Atal Vihar Scheme

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Chhattisgarh Housing Board is inviting applications for 365 flats in Chittod in Balod District under the Atal Vihar Scheme. The registrations for the scheme starts at 8th October till 7 November 2014. The rates for the flats are fixed and will not be increased in any condition.

The flats are located at 7 Kilometer milestone on Dhamtari-Jagdalpur national highway. Under the scheme, there are 6 flats for the High Income Group which is least among all. The highest 169 (G+3) flats are being offered to the Lower Income Group. EWS also gets 105 G+3 flats in the scheme.

The cost of the flats starts at 4.15 Lakh for EWS to Rs. 30 lakh for HIG category. The flats will be allotted based on the lottery system to the registered applicants. The flat allotted through the lottery system can not be changed upon any request from the applicant. If the applicant want to surrender the flat, the complete registration amount will be refunded without any deduction.

In case the applicant surrender the flat after the issue of allotment order, the registration amount will be refunded after 10% deduction. Interested candidates can contact the housing board for detailed terms, conditions and the application procedure.

Below are the complete details of the offered flats

Location of Flats Type of Flats Number of Flats Area in Square Foot Fixed Cost of Flat in Lakh Registration Amount in Lakh
Chittod, Balod (7 Kilometer Milestone on Dhamtari-Jagdalpur National Highway) HIG 6 1239.00 30.00 4.50
Senior MIG – I Duplex 7 1423.80 28.50 4.28
Senior MIG – II 11 1076.00 24.15 3.63
Junior MIG – I Duplex 24 1177.64 22.80 3.42
Junior MIG – II 36 982.90 20.35 3.05
LIG Flats G+3 169 557.25 7.90 0.80
EWS Flats G+3 105 403.00 4.15 0.21
CHB Flats Under Atal Vihar Yojana Chittod
CHB Flats Under Atal Vihar Yojana Chittod – Click on Image to See Full Size
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