Chhattisgarh Housing Board Launched Villas in Molshree Vihar Purena, Raipur

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Chhattisgarh Housing and Development Board launched villas in Molshree Vihar, Purena. It is the posh area of the city; the villas are situated at VIP road Purena. It’s a golden opportunity to buy a villa in Raipur.

Villas are divided into two types Type-D and Type-E, size of villas is starts from 8365.36 with a build-up area of 2245.00 square feet. The minimum cost of the villa is Rs 1.40 crores and the minimum security deposit or registration amount is Rs 21.00 lacs.


  • Having Close Proximity to Multiplexes, Hotels, Shopping Malls
  • 10 Minutes Drive away from Airport
  • 20 Minutes Drive away from New Raipur
  • Very close to MP and MLA Colony
  • Situated at VIP Road

Registrations are open for the villas and the last date of registration is 14 November 2014.

Applicants can contact at 0771-4059185, Mob- 9407606000, 9826800589, 9424209045 for more details and also visit on official website of CGHB at and applicants can also contact on Toll Free number of Chhattisgarh Housing Board at 1800-200-6313.

Details of Villas in Molshree Vihar, Raipur:

Location/Name of Colony Type of Villas Number of Villas Build-Up Area Area of Plot Estimated Cost (In Crores)
Security/Registration Amount (In Lacs)
Molshree Vihar, Raipur D-1 1 4188.00 8365.36 3.00 Cr 45.00 Lacs
D-2 1 3308.00 5700.00 2.25 Cr 33.75 Lacs
E-1 1 2245.00 3682.00 1.45 Cr 21.75 Lacs
E-2 1 2245.00 3597.00 1.40 Cr 21.00 Lacs
E-3 1 2245.00 3996.00 2.00 Cr 30.00 Lacs

Molshree Vihar Villas Scheme:

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