DDA Upcoming Housing Scheme May Launch with Online Process

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In the upcoming DDA housing scheme, the long queues of flats aspirants outside the headquarter of DDA might be missing.

According to the source, the Delhi Development Authority is planning to make the entire process of application for a DDA flats into online. The meaning is quite simple that the complete process from buying the brochure to applying for flats and payments will only be done only through online process.

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In the upcoming housing scheme, the DDA is expected to offer around 11,000 flats, which is likely to be roll out in the upcoming months. If the online process plan is implemented, this would be first time that the DDA will conduct the process of allotting flats completely online.

According to the source, the plan was thoroughly discussed in the meeting of senior officials of agency recently. The senior official of DDA said that the plan is to make the entire process online, from buying the brochures to applying for flats and payments. However, we have to be sure that the online process is carried out without any technical glitch. Though the plan is yet to be finalized, we are definitely thinking in that direction.

In the earlier scheme of DDA in 2014, the authority had provided the option of buying the brochure from DDA headquarter Vikas Sadan or downloading it from the official website of DDA. In the upcoming housing scheme, the process might be changed into online process completely, if the plan is implemented, the agency might not print brochure at all.

According to the source, if the plan of online process is implemented, it would ensure more efficiency and transparency off the process.

DDA housing scheme is the only option for buying an affordable house in the high price real estate market of Delhi area. This is the only reason the authority receives lakh of applications whenever it launches a housing scheme.

In DDA housing scheme 2014, around 16,000 flats were offered but this time the number of flats is lower which included large number of older flats and a less quantity of newly constructed flats as a part of scheme.

The flats on offer would include about 8,500 flats of the 2014 scheme that were surrendered by allottees due to different reasons. Apart from this, the DDA is also conducting site verification of its flats that are lying vacant.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/

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