Gharkul Yojana Nagpur – NIT to Build 10,000 Homes for LIG

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Gharkul Yojana or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is going to bridged up the demand of affordable housing in Nagpur, as Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) has decided to construct over 10,000 affordable houses for lower income group of the society. These housing units will be made available in Wanjri, Bharatwada-Punapur, Tarodi and Khurd areas under Pradhan Mantri Gharkul Awas Yojana.

Official informed that the civic agency’s construction estimate was Rs 19,260 per square metre and three agencies have agreed to work at this rate and the work have divided among them. Houses under Gharkul Yojana will be build on no profit, no loss basis. And the beneficiary will not be allowed to sell houses without the permission of NIT for 15 years.

Gharkul Yojana Nagpur – Details of Houses to be Build

  • 5,142 houses in Mouza Wanjri
  • 4,152 houses in Mouza Bharatwada-Punapur
  • 2,960 houses in Mouza Tarodi
  • 1,760 houses in Mouza Khurd
  • Total – 14,057 Houses

As per the information, the matter of regularization of Gunthewari plots having area more than 10,000 square feet will be considered in the next board meeting and a government resolution (GR) has been issued urban development department (UDD) in this regard. Till now there was no provision for regularization of such big plots.

According to the GR, the regularisation of plots will be depend on the road width where they are located and the
details of regulation of plots and roads width is as follows:

Road Width Size of Plot can be Regularized (Maximum Area)  
Between 6 and 9 metres 3,000 square metres  
Between 9 and 12 metres 4,000 square metres  
Between 12 and 15 metres 8,000 square metres  
Between 15 and 18 metres 12,000 square metres  
More than 18 metres wide 20,000 square metres  

According to the source, there were over 100 plots in Nagpur having area of over 10,000 square feet whose regularization was stuck.


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