Housing Complexes for EWS Under BSUP Schemes in Aizwal

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President of India, Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated the housing complexes for economical weaker section (EWS) category of people in Aizwal. This is the step taken towards the fulfilment of housing for all mission.

During the occasion, the president said that it is the focus of flagship programmes of the government of India. The meeting of certain milestones in housing for the poor and in building urban infrastructure will help us achieve the goals of New India by 2022, when we complete 75 years as a independent nation. And New India is simply not possible without New Mizoram.

Further, he also added that the state is a role model for the world in terms of peaceful resolution of political disputes. The Mizo Accord of 1986 has been honoured by all sides, and an insurgency situation ended with all stake-holders agreeing to work peacefully for the greater common good of the state and its people. This is a miracle of our times. It gives us an insight into Mizo society – a society of honourable men and women. During the inauguration, he congratulated all the people of Mizoram, including the Church and its affiliated organisations, the youth and women’s groups, civil society groups and political parties, for this spirit of fraternity and cooperation.

The Indian economy is today among the fastest growing in the world. From innovation in agriculture to the digital economy, from manufacturing to the expanding services sector – there are so many good news stories, he added. Young people from Mizoram are very much part of the story. In the IT industry, the hospitality industry and other service sector industries, Mizo boys and girls are making their mark in different corners of the country. And their work is drawing admiration for Mizoram. There is admiration for the education and literacy skills of young Mizos. A literacy rate of 91 per cent – as per the 2011 census – is truly remarkable. There is also admiration for the values, work ethic and professionalism of young men and women from Mizoram.

Source: https://www.indiablooms.com/news-details/N/36133/president-inaugurates-housing-complexes-for-economically-weaker-sections-in-aizwal.html

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