iGOT – Integrated Government Online Training Module for Frontline Covid-19 Warriors at igot.gov.in

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Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has launched Integrated Government Online Training portal (iGOT) e-platform to train COVID-19 warriors. This iGOT online training e-platform for doctors, nurses, paramedics, hygiene workers, technicians, Auxiliary Nursing Midwives (ANMS), central and state government officers, civil defence officials, police officers, NCC, NYKS, NSS, Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) and other volunteers to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform can be useful to combat COVID-19 for all front-line workers and equip them with the training and updates in coping with pandemic.

Integrated Government Online Training portal (iGOT) is set to be hosted on the Human Resources Development Ministry`s DIKSHA platform. The DIKSHA has been retrofittd to the purpose requested by the central government`s Empowered Group chaired by Arum Panda, secretary in the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

The online iGOT learning resource is expected to equip all front – line workes with training and updated in coping the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Appropriate training will also prepare them for subsequent stages of pandemic.

The platform is a reflection of the vision of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to care for those who serve the nation and boost their moral. With an aim to provide training to 1.50 crore workers and volunteers in the coming weeks, it is designed to population scale.

Integrated Government Online Training (iGOT) COVID-19 Training at igot.gov.in

All the personnel can take training at iGOT platform to become frontline COVID-19 warriors. Now check the entire course list, need for development of iGOT portal, roles & responsibilities of COVID-19 warriors at the official website https://igot.gov.in/igot/

Name of the Platform iGOT e-learning Platform
Department Name Department of Personnel and Training
Regulating Authority Government of India
Platform For All Healthcare and COVID-19 warriors
Launch Date 8th April 2019
Official Link https://igot.gov.in/igot/

Explore Course at iGOT Training e-Platform

To begin with, 9 courses have been launched on iGOT Training e-platform on topics as quarantine and isolation, psyychological care of partients with COVID-19 infection prevention through PPE, ICU care and ventilation management, basic of COVID-19, clinical management, infection prevention & control laboratory sample collection and testing management of COVID-19 cases.

Visit the officially website https://igot.gov.in/igot/ then home page of the website will open, Now click on “View Courses” Tab.

The iGOT e-learning platform can easily be accessed using an easy to use manual for desktop and mobile versions, there by making it accessible to all.

Role and Responsibilities of Frontline COVID-19 Warriors

The complete training on Integrated Government Online training (iGOT) portal must fulfill the following roles and responsibilities

  • Proactive and Polite
  • Imaginative and Innovative
  • Imaginative and Innovative
  • Creative and Constructive
  • Professional and Progressive
  • Energetic and Enabling
  • Transparent and Tech Enabled

The platform will provide training module on flextime and on site basis so that COVID-19 response can be delivered at scale for workforce needed to tackle coronavirus.

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