Indore Development Authority to Build 5000 Affordable Homes

Latest Housing News, Schemes & Projects | By Rajkumar

Indore Development Authority has announced the construction of 5000 affordable homes in the city in coming next 3 years. The authority will be constructing these homes for the lower income group (LIG) of the society.

According to the IDA chairman Shankar Lalwani, the authority has set a target of building 5000 affordable homes for people in lower income group in the urban area of the city. The construction of 2000 homes is already in progress.

The authority is looking for the suitable land for the construction of rest of 3000 homes. Along with the decision of constructing 5000 homes, the authority has also approved the construction of 216 LIG homes in the city.

According to the sources, the authority is working all together to make its contribution to the “Housing for all by 2022”, an ambitious plan of NDA Government.

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