Telangana LRS Scheme 2020 Guidelines for Unapproved Layouts in the State

Telangana | By Rajkumar

Telangana government has issued guidelines for the LRS (Land Regularization Scheme). Issued order allowing for regularization of place. The LRS application form has to be filled online till 15 October. The Telangana govt. has made the LRS scheme available, declaring August 26 as the cut-off date.

The Telangana Municipal Department has provided an opportunity to regularize illegal layouts. The order state that the layout regularization (LRS) process has started 31/08/2020, which is open to layout owners and registered plot ownners from 26th August.

Talangana LRS Guidelines for Unapproved Layouts

The Municipal Department has issued guidelines regarding LRS officials said the layouts would be regularized subject to the following guidelines.

  • The Government of Telangana has made the LRS scheme availabe, declaring August 26 as the cut-off date.
  • The LRS registration free of Rs.1000 is stipulated and lay out application free at Rs. 10,000.
  • Those who have a plot of less than 100 yards are entitled to a regulation fee of Rs.200 to be paid while Rs.400 for regularisation of 100 to 300 yards and Rs.600 for regularization of 400 to 600 yards of land.
  • The government has announced that the LRS scheme will be applicable to municipalities as well as gram panchayats.

Earlier, the government of Telangana, n order to ensure that panned sustainable development takes place in all unapproved layouts has stopped registration of plots in unapproved/ unauthorized/ illegal layouts. However, to brings all these unplanned/ unapproved/ unauthorized layouts into the fold of planned sustainable development and to provide basic facilities in these areas for the plots owners in these payouts and in the nearby areas.

In case required road width is not available required depth for widening equal on both sides shall be insisted. Where an unapproved layout site is affected in the statutory Master Plan road network, the competent authority shall retain the alignment in the said layout and if not feasible, the Competent Authority with prior approval of Government is authorized to suitably modify the Master Plan road.

The layout pattern as far as possible shall be retained ipso facto and only in exceptional cases like need for connectivity, integration with surrounding network etc. Modification may be considered by the competent Authority. Water bodies if any shall be preserved in the layout, subject to taking up protection and improvement of foreshores of such water bodies.

The government in its orders said that the LRS amount collected shall be kept in separate escrow account and separate guidelines shall be issued by the Government on utilization of LRS amount for development of infrastructure in respective local bodies.

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