Tuticorin Town Existing Landuse Map

Plan Map, Tamil Nadu, Thoothukudi | By Rajkumar

Tuticorin Town Existing Landuse Map
Tuticorin Town Existing Landuse Map

One comment on “Tuticorin Town Existing Landuse Map

  1. I humbly submit my views to broaden the Keelur Railway Station Road, Tuticorin.

    Earlier there was a railway line from Keelur Railway Station to Harbour through the salt panes.It goes through GC Road, VE Road, St.Thomas Church to Harbour. This track was closed a very long ago.
    From Keelur railway station, there is a way parallel to the existing railway station road. This route remain closed by the railway authorities. This road can be used as a one way road for the passengers going to the railway station. The existing road (Railway Station Road) can be used for the passengers who are coming out of the railway station. By this way, we can ease the traffic without affecting the water storage tank.

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