First Installment Released for PMAY Madhya Pradesh

Government has allotted first installment for beneficiaries of Silwani tehsil under PMAY Madhya Pradesh. Beneficiaries selected under Socio-Economic Caste Census – 2011 can now begin construction of their own houses by using amount, transferred to their bank accounts under Housing for All mission

Pradhan Mantri Aws Yojana Madhya Pradesh
Central government has targeted to provide houses to 15,000 beneficiaries, which will be completed in year 2017-18.
Houses under PMAY is to be constructed in size of 280 sq. meter. Each beneficiary will be provided affordable house having one room, one kitchen & Porch (Veranda).
Beneficiaries need to follow all measures & standards in construction of houses, which have been set by officials.

Installments to Beneficiaries under PMAY Madhya Pradesh
Government has provided Rs. 40-40 thousand to beneficiaries. 4,600 beneficiaries have got first installment & 2,417 beneficiaries got second installment. Rest of installments will be given to them later.
Government will provide rest of installments only if beneficiaries have started construction by using previous installment.

Each beneficiaries will be given amount for construction in 3 installments. First Installment will be of Rs 1.20 lakh, which will be transferred to their bank accounts.
Next installment will be provided after presenting proof of construction (Photograph & Location of construction).
Government has ensured that each beneficiary use his/her installment for the purpose of construction of house.
Installments will be cancelled if beneficiary uses his/her installment for purpose other than construction of house. Legal actions will be taken in such case.


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