GDA Gorakhpur New Flat Scheme 2016 at Champa Devi Park

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Gorakhpur Development Authority has launched a new housing scheme 2016 for the allotment of 192 flats. These flats will be available in Eight Floor Awasiya Yojana. The scheme will have 2BHK and 3BHK flats for allotment and approval of the scheme was made in the last board meeting. During the meeting, chairperson directed the official to create the plan of the scheme.

According to the source, the cost of the flats has not been determined and the official are working of the task. The cost of flats will be low which would help the people to buy a house. The housing scheme will be constructed over the land of 2 acres of Champa Devi Park in which small parks has also been proposed. All flats in the scheme will have a separate parking space and stilt area and parking area of the building will be used for parking space. A lift facility will also be provided in the scheme.

Earlier, the project was proposed for seven floor in which 400 houses was proposed on the the land on the land of 5 acres. The proposal was unapproved in the last meeting.


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