New Housing Scheme 2015 in Karimadom Colony by Kerala Government

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The government of Kerala has taken initiating step towards housing in the state. On Wednesday 12 August 2015, the government has launched a new housing scheme for the residents of Karimadom colony. The housing project is launched under National Urban Livelihood Mission. Under the scheme, new houses will be given to 72 families and the total cost of these houses is about Rs. 7.13 crore that means each house will be available at the approximate cost of Rs. 9,90,277/-.

From the last three decades, houses for the residents were constructed by housing board and these houses were not in good condition, hence new housing scheme was envisaged for the residents.

An amount of Rs. 2,000/- will to given as a monthly rent to those families who will move out during the construction of houses. The rent amount will be given by the government until new houses are handed over to the residents. The houses will be constructed in six blocks with 12 houses in each.

Chief Minister of Karela, Oommen Chandy inaugurated the scheme and said that the residents of other colony Rajajinagar who had been opposing housing scheme will have to learn from the residents of Karimadom colony. ”Once these people start living in new houses, their protests will subside. Protest is not a new phenomenon. In 1977 when A K Antony was the minister for housing, new homes were constructed within a year. People like Sushama Swaraj had come here and learnt about the scheme”.

Manjalamkuzhy Ali, Minister of Urban Affair said that the construction activities would be completed within seven months. It is the first housing scheme to be launched under NULM in the state for community shelter in Karimadom and the project will be implemented by HLL.

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